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Brazil Peacock Bass Fishing

Of all the “bucket-list” destinations Trek offers, a trip to do battle with the aggressive peacock bass in the Amazon is near or at the top of the list. Anticipating a violent hard-hitting strike from one of these monsters may be the most thrilling fresh water experience you will ever encounter. Now is your chance to experience this remote new adventure in the upper headwaters where the anglers are few and the peacocks are plentiful.

Through the years, Trek has utilized various methods of accessing the tremendous fishery known as the Amazon Basin; from mother ships to land-based yachts, but nothing can match the Floating Cabin experience. We have taken this a step further by contracting a new and upgraded Single Occupancy Camp. Forget the need to share a small space with your buddy, as each fisherman will have their own air- conditioned cabin complete with queen bed and personal bath.