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Game Changers: Non-Stop Flights, Strong Dove Numbers Lift Cordoba Higher

Game Changers: Non-Stop Flights, Strong Dove Numbers Lift Cordoba Higher

On June 6, members of the Trek team traveled with a group of clients on the maiden voyage of American Airlines’ first non-stop flight from the U.S. to Cordoba, Argentina. While we were anxious to experience for ourselves if the flight would be as big for our Cordoba hunting program as we believed (it is), we also took the opportunity to connect with our Cordoba partners, H&H Outfitters, and clients at each of our four lodges in the region.

Trek’s goal is to continually improve your adventure travel experience, and the benefits of this new flight on our Cordoba program are significant. If you don’t read any further, know that this flight, combined with our new direct-to-lodge charter program and the incredible dove numbers we experienced, have us more excited than ever about delivering you the world’s greatest wingshooting adventure.

The direct, non-stop flight of just over 8.5 hours from Miami significantly reduces the time to Cordoba for anyone traveling from the eastern U.S. Additionally, the process for clearing sporting guns in Cordoba is more streamlined than any other city with connecting flights to the region.

The end of Argentina’s historic drought and bumper crop yields have had a tremendously positive impact on Cordoba’s resident dove population. One client who has traveled with Trek to the region for many years commented that the bird numbers were as good or better this year than any he’s experienced before.

Photo: Matias Furer

Upon arriving in Cordoba, we spent the day at Guayascate, where many of the clients soothed travel-weary bones in the spa. We toured The Lodge’s recently completed three-bedroom guest house, which is now available to groups. The space is breathtaking and demand is filling up fast.

After an overnight at Guayascate, we met a group of Trek clients from Austin, Texas, at a private airfield for a charter to take us to Escondido Lodge to hunt pigeons. The hangar delivers H&H’s traditional client-friendly touches, including an executive lounge with coffee and libations, as well as showers for clients who take the charter directly upon arriving in Cordoba.

Our group jumped on the Grand Caravan just after noon and enjoyed a short 40-minute flight west, across the picturesque Sierras de Cordoba, to Escondido. We were at the fields by 1 p.m. for a gaucho-style carne asada lunch consisting of pork belly and some of Argentina’s finest grass-fed beef. 

After lunch, we shot until dusk, as flurries of pigeons consistently flushed through the fields. Scores of birds locked in on the automated decoys set out in front of our blinds.

As always, our time spent with members of the Trek community far exceeded the incredible hunting. The group we shot with at Escondido is a truly special bunch who have traveled together, with Trek, for the past four decades. Among this group is a pair of surgeons who were instrumental in forming a non-profit organization to surgically correct heart defects for children in underdeveloped countries.

We spent Father’s Day at La Portenita, hunting doves with a family celebrating the graduation of its youngest son from high school. At dinner, as we broke bread with this wonderful family, we were touched by the joy Mom and Dad showed upon learning that both sons outshot them (of course soon after, there was some dispute by Dad of the accuracy of the reporting…)

Photo: Elias Sedita

Conversations around the fire pit shifted from sore shoulders to college majors, from sharing highlights of one another’s travels to expressions of excitement over the shooting action and the next days hunt. These mutually edifying storytelling sessions are among the greatest gifts our travels provide. 

Something Trek’s Cordoba clients know very well is the family-friendly environment contained within our lodges. First time non-hunters are always amazed that these are far more than hunting lodges— they are a warm and inviting home where guests are always treated like family and enjoy a uniquely authentic cultural experience.

We capped off our journey with a visit to Merlo, the site of Trek’s new fall dove hunting program during November and December this year. Our headquarters for this adventure, A Hotel Deccosuites, lay at the foothills of the Sierras de Cordoba. The accommodations and bird numbers are equally impressive and will provide a unique new experience for Trek hunters.

We have a few select 2019 dates remaining at our Cordoba lodges and for the Merlo program. Please call (800) 654-9915 or email us to start planning your next great adventure!


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