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Good News from Mexico

Good News from Mexico

Trek has always and will continue to deliver our promise in providing the most current information on exciting hunting and fishing opportunities. Well, we’ve got some good news from Mexico as I just returned from a trip to La Finca Lodge in San Fernando where it seems things are on a roll. Since 2010, it has been pretty stagnant in the state of Tamaulipas in regards to hunting, but we caught wind the Mexican government has made a push to clean the area up surrounding San Fernando. Trek President, Milton Hanburry, and I decided it would be a good idea for me to fly down for a site visit this past Monday (3/16) and meet Steve McCain, Jr who has decided to open an outfitting service out of La Finca Lodge. While all the other outfitters have packed it in and no plans of doing anything in the near future, Steve actually took groups last season with success not only hunting, but with everyone feeling safe and enjoying themselves.

I touched down in Harlingen, TX and was met by Steve then we headed south through the Mexico check point clearing with ease. About 1:45 minutes later we pulled through the gate of La Finca and I was pleasantly surprised of the work Steve has put into cleaning the lodge up (it sat vacant from 2010 until August of 2014). He’s got a great team with two wonderful cooks preparing anything from fajitas to fried quail and some of you may remember Juan from Pintail Lodge. Steve has employed Juan to be the main duck guide and Juan’s years of experience at Pintail will certainly help make the program a success. The lodge is very comfortable and exactly that, a lodge, not a hotel, with 12 bedrooms, large dining room, swimming pool & hot tub, two living rooms and fully stocked bar. It’s only going to improve as Steve has plans to continue with some cosmetic changes and make it even more comfortable.

Steve plans are to start the White-Wing Dove season towards the third week in August then proceed with a combination Duck, Quail, Dove program beginning around November 5. Steve will be hunting ducks in the famous Laguna Madre and surrounding fresh water lakes/ponds with most species being Redheads, Pintails and Widgeon. White-Wings will be shot on surrounding farms close to San Fernando along with quail in the same areas. We are still getting into the particulars, but all signs point to a well-run Mexico combo hunt being online come this fall.

My main focus other than the accommodations and actual hunting program was to get a grasp on the situation in San Fernando. First off, there is a huge military and federal police presence in San Fernando and on all the highways between Matamoros and San Fernando. It seems the Mexican government has made a stand to regain control of these areas and from what I saw first hand, they have done a great job. The military has leased several old hotels in San Fernando and established satellite bases which has the people of San Fernando walking their streets and enjoying their city again. The city square was a common area again with families and children interacting with no fear. A military base is being built right where Steve will be launching boats at Laguna Madre and he has already established relationships with the military personnel of the base.

With such a strong push from the Mexican government and Steve’s passion to have a well run combo program, we are all very optimistic of things to come in Mexico. I will be fine tuning some things over the next several weeks, but look for more news to come of the opportunity ahead. Feel free to shoot me an email [email protected] or give me a ring at the office if you’d like to chat about Mexico.

Joe Patterson
VP Sales
Trek International Safaris