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Avalon Mothership Charter

Adventure to the Pearl of the Antilles

Cuba Fishing

Avalon Mothership Charter

Those of you who have been hearing about this wonderful trip can now experience it firsthand on an organized and completely legal basis. Come join Trek for an incredible adventure to the Pearl of the Antilles. Few dates remain but we’ll save a spot for you!! Avalon has been the dominant fishing outfitter in Cuba for 23 years and has by far the most experienced and successful programs in Cuba. Trek is fortunate to offer a few dates at one of their top programs on board the 110-foot houseboat La Tortuga in the Jardines de la Reina. This will be a completely legal and gratifying experience and we hope you'll give us a call.

The Trip

This trip starts on a Friday with your arrival in to Havana and an overnight. The next day you will depart the hotel early morning for the six hour private bus trip and three-hour water taxi to the Tortuga. You have time to fish the rest of the afternoon followed by five additional full days of fishing in the Jardines. The last day you will fish a half-day and then make the journey back to Havana for your last night in the city. Saturday you will depart back to the U.S.

The Fishing

Guests on the JDR program can enjoy their fishing dreams from the minute they step aboard, and will be able to fish more hours and more species than in any other Caribbean destination. At roughly the same size as the entire Florida Keys you will cast for mostly for tarpon on classic flats but JDR is full of everything – tarpon of all sizes, Permit, bones, Jacks, Barracuda – you name it. While the rest of the world has tested this wonderful fishery, it still remains undeveloped and full of fishing opportunities. Guides are excellent and pole you around in Dolphin Super Skiffs with 60-70 horse motors. Jardines de la Reina is the favorite fishery of all in Cuba because of the time on the water, proximity to fish and the immense area.

The Accommodations

While the hotel in Havana will be soon confirmed a five star hotel property centrally located for most activities. Your accommodations in the Jardines will be the 110-mothership that functions as a floating hotel with seven guest cabins that accommodate two anglers each. The Tortuga is a massive, steel houseboat that is permanently secured in a small, protected channel of a big island, so that it never moves, regardless of bad weather or wind. It is extremely stable and level at all times so there is never any chance of guests getting seasick. Electricity on board is supplied by generators located on a small island nearby and is available twenty-four hours a day allowing for hot water and A/C. There is satellite wireless connection making communication with the outside world easy and free for guests. You can use your laptop in the dining room at any time or in the cabins using our Avalon Hot Spot network as long as your laptop or other device has wireless capability.

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