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Picazuro Lodge

Best Pigeon Shooting Destination in Paraguay

Paraguay Pigeon Hunting

Picazuro Lodge

Trek set out to have the best pigeon shooting destination in Paraguay, and this mission has been accomplished and more. Erik Von Sneidern’s Picazuro Lodge has delivered the most consistent high volume pigeon hunt in the world, and the results are reflected in repeated bookings. Paraguay is a small South American country, about the size of Pennsylvania. Although completely landlocked, it is rich in agriculture, especially sunflower, sorghum, peanuts and corn. The Pigeons are found in an area known as the Chaco Paraguayo, a huge green desert of palm and scrub forests. While it makes up more than two thirds of Paraguay’s geography, only two percent of the Chaco is inhabited.

The Trip

Trek’s program at the Picazuro Lodge is five days and four nights, with three full and a two half days of shooting. The trip starts with your arrival into Asuncion, Paraguay. Our agent will meet and assist our clients through customs, before boarding a private charter directly to the Picazuro Lodge.

Once you arrive at the lodge, if time and weather permits, you will hunt that afternoon. The next three days will be the absolute best of Paraguay pigeon hunting – full hunting days with shooting over decoys in blinds. On day six, we shoot pigeons until lunch and then we pack for the charter back to Asuncion where you will catch your international flight back home.

The Hunting

The shooting usually starts about 45 minutes after first light and lasts until late morning, which is when the birds start to slow down and rest in the trees to digest their morning feed.

At midday, we will break for one of Eric’s famous field lunches in a shady area, which may have comfy hammocks for those needing a little siesta. Then you will head back out for the afternoon feed, which should last until almost dark. You will then head back to the lodge for a hot shower and dinner. Each day, you will be presented with a variety of wingshooting opportunities involving two different species, the picazuro and blue/gray spotted pigeon. The use of decoys to attract the pigeons has become a work of art for many of the bird boys in Paraguay.

The Accommodations

The Picazuro Lodge consists of eight single guest rooms, two separate dining facilities, and plenty of open areas for socializing. Picazuro’s greatest asset by far is its close proximity to the hunting fields. Located south of the town of Filadelfia where Trek once kept its hunters, the lodge affords driving time in minutes instead of hours.

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