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Seven Reasons to Make Grand Slam Lodge Your Next Great Adventure

Seven Reasons to Make Grand Slam Lodge Your Next Great Adventure

Trek recently hosted our annual adventure at Ascension Bay, Mexico’s Grand Slam Lodge (GSL) and we returned with a group of very happy anglers. After reading through the positive post-trip reviews, our team put together a list of the top things we (and our clients) love about this adventure. 

Bonefish Bonanza — Trek has hosted trips to GSL for many years, and we have found no other place that produces such consistently high bonefish numbers. For younger anglers, catching dozens of these hard-charging flats ghosts is the perfect ticket for falling in love with or increasing their passion for fishing. Collectively, our most recent group landed more bonefish than we could count, including a six-pound  fish and many in the three-to-four-pound range. 

Permit Dreams — Permit represent flats fishing’s greatest challenge, and landing a sight-casted permit ranks as one of angling’s greatest achievements. Permit are big-eyed, wary creatures that seem to see and sense danger more that any other fish. For this reason, everything must execute flawlessly to maximize your chances at landing one. Either that, or you may get lucky and find a massive school of tailing fish. It happens, but don’t count on it. On this last trip, one member of our group landed his first permit on the fly, and we had many more shots at and a collection of stories of near-misses typical with fishing for the victory royal of the flats.

Stacked Odds for the Slam — When considering GSL, no list would be complete without mentioning the factor for which the lodge takes its name— that of the highly coveted flats grand slam. Integrity demands transparency around achieving this feat. Getting either a permit or tarpon on the fly are exceptional achievements in and of themselves. Getting both in one day, and adding a bonefish to top off the slam requires a lot of skill and even more luck. But what GSL offers is perhaps an unparalleled opportunity. There are few places on earth with all three species in numbers and proximity to give you a legit shot at the slam. Ascension Bay is one of the few, and GSL’s team of premier local guides are capable of getting you shots at each species each day you fish here.

Come One, Come All — If you set out to design an exceptional destination fishing adventure suitable for anglers of all ages and skill levels, you’d be extremely hard-pressed to produce something that competes with Grand Slam Lodge. Trek’s most recent hosted adventure at GSL included a spin angler who’s never touched a fly rod, a seasoned septuagenarian who lives and fishes much younger than his years, and renowned Florida charter boat Captain Chris Herrera, who has decades of fly guiding experience and extremely high standards. This is no snobby fly fishing lodge, but both the guides and boats are well equipped for expert fly slingers. If spin fishing is your thing, the lodge has a collection of Penn rods and reels and patient guides who will put you on a wide variety of species, including the big three (permit, tarpon, bonefish), as well as snook, snapper and barracuda.

A Truly Special Venue — The owners of GSL set out to create an experience that exceeds that of any other Ascension Bay lodge, and they succeeded big time. All rooms and common areas at GSL have breathtaking views of Maya Riviera. The lodge’s staff is attentive and detail oriented. Authentic local cuisine, daily laundry service, and the lodge’s laid back swinging bar are just a few features that make the atmosphere at GSL so special. Rooms are bright, spacious and clean, and the mini bar is always stocked. The operation is led by lodge manager Mike Ledzema, who works tirelessly to ensure each guest leaves with a smile.

No Limits Scheduling — Grand Slam Lodge offers an itinerary that is fully customizable around your scheduling requirements. The fishing is consistent year round, though you can get some fantastic pricing discounts during the hot summer months. You can arrive any day of the week and stay as short as three nights, or as long as seven.

Guest Safety — Grand Slam has a dialed-in set of Covid protocols, including room and common area sanitation and distancing at mealtime. They also provide a flawless Covid testing process that is required for travelers flying back home to the U.S. To date, all visitors to Grand Slam have tested negative. Our recent group was received by the clinic on the way to the airport on the final day and we had our results within an hour. 

Please email us at [email protected] for more information on Grand Slam Lodge or to book your next great angling adventure.


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