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Trek Cuba Trips Remain Legal

Trek Cuba Trips Remain Legal

After reviewing President Trump’s announcement of June 16, 2017 regarding new travel restrictions to Cuba, it has been determined that trips taken under the auspices of Trek remain completely legal.

To review these changes, here is a link from the U.S. Treasury Department:

Under the anticipated new regulations, there are three requirements for an American citizen wishing to travel to Cuba for “recreation”: 1) sponsorship by an organization subject to the jurisdiction of the United States; 2) maintenance of a full-time schedule of educational exchange activities aimed at supporting the people of Cuba; 3) U.S. citizens are prohibited to stay in any hotels owned by the military controlled GAESA Group or its subsidiary hotel/tour group Gaviota.

In that regard,

1) Trek is subject to the jurisdiction of the United States. As such, “fully-hosted” trips sponsored by Trek are legal.
2) Trek clients follow detailed itineraries specially prepared to result in meaningful interaction between the traveler and the people of Cuba and which have consistently been found to suffice as full-time schedules.
3). Trek does not and will not use any hotels or services in Cuba that are affiliated with the military.

Therefore, travel with Trek has been and will remain legal under the new regulations.

An individual can be a “group”.

According to OFAC, “group travel” merely refers to any educational travel which takes place under the auspices of an organization that is subject to the jurisdiction of the United States that sponsors such travel to promote people-to-people contact. Under this definition, an individual may suffice as a “group” where the individual travels under the auspices of a qualified organization, such as Trek, and is accompanied by a member of that organization or an agent of that organization. This only requires enough accompaniment to ensure that each traveler maintains a full-time schedule of educational exchange activities and does not amount to constant observation or hand holding.

All Trek accommodations are operated by permitted persons.

Trek does not conduct any business with members of the military GAESA or under the Gaviota umbrella. For accommodations Trek uses the Parque Central (Iberostar), Hotel Nacional (Gran Caribe) and Playa Larga (Cubanacan), none of which are affiliated with the military GAESA or any group under the Gaviota umbrella.

Customers Currently Booked to Cuba Customers who have already deposited or bought an airline ticket for their Cuba trip will be exempt from any future regulations.

In Summary

We at Trek are happy to announce that our trips are approved and enjoyed by our clients and we look forward to adding more destinations in Cuba as they become available. Please know that we will always keep you updated of any changes that may affect your travels.

The Trek Staff

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