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Adventure Profile: B.A. Province Duck Hunting

Adventure Profile: B.A. Province Duck Hunting

Wilmington, North Carolina’s oldest outfitter, Canady’s Sports Center, recently interviewed Trek client John Talbert to discuss his experience on our Buenos Aires Province Duck Hunting Adventure. Talbert provided insights on the experience, as well as tips on how to get the most out of your trip to B.A.

Q: Where in Argentina did you travel to and what was your travel time?
A: Buenos Aires. Hunt locations are never more than four hours from the city.
Q: How many hunts did you go on and what was the locations like (marsh, fields, temp, etc.)?
A: Eight hunts total, Seasonal marsh land, and small lakes.
Q: How did you get the birds in close (what kind of spread did you have, decoys used, call types)?
A: We used hand painted rosy bill decoys (they were old mallard decoys) & and makeshift reed grass blinds for hide.
Q: What where the species you harvested and what was your favorite?
A: White faced tree ducks, cinnamon teal, rosy billed pochard, speckled teal, Chilean wigeon, lake duck, yellow billed pintail, white cheeked pintail, Brazilian teal. The white cheeked pintail was my favorite.
Q: What lodge did you stay at and guide did you use? Would you recommend them?
A: Trek Safaris. Hands down, best in the business.
Q: What gear did you use from Canady’s to make his an enjoyable hunt?
A: Toboggan, gloves, Thermacell,  headlamp, boots, store swag, Upper end hunting oriented dress apparel for dinner/social time around the estancia. Because that’s what we do it for, right? Preserve the heritage, appreciate the animals and the harvest, tell our friends about the ones we bagged and the ones that got away AND look good while doing it!
To book an unforgettable Argentine duck hunting experience, please email [email protected] or call Trek at 1-800-654-9915.



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