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Worry-Free & Easy

One of the things we hear most often from our clients is how much they love working with our experienced and versatile staff who go above and beyond to make sure that our clients are well informed and our trips are well organized. Trek takes pride in taking care of our clients, both our seasoned travelers and our first-timer trekkers.

Being able to provide clients with first-hand experience from our team, who are routinely traveling abroad and checking in on our partners and popular destinations, means that you are going to get the best, and most detailed, the information we can provide to you before your departure. Beyond this, Trek loves being a one-stop-shop for our clients in our ability to provide a full-service travel agency. Our in-house air experts are extremely knowledgeable about airline routes and pricing and are dedicated to finding you the best flights that work for you to get you from your hometown to your destination and back again.

Beyond the initial planning and airline assistance, we provide for our clients is our ability to ensure you have all the necessary information regarding travel visas, passports, hunting and fishing permits, gun entry permits and any other licensing procedures that your trip may require. Our team helps organize as much of this documentation as possible for you, and what we can not facilitate ourselves we provide detailed instructions so you can complete the documentation accurately to avoid any government red tape.

Having this level of support behind your trip means that everything is in place to provide you with a worry-free experience from start to finish. However, as many of you will agree, travel is rarely without its bumps in the road but using an agency as experienced and dedicated as Trek means that you have support 24/7 with a team that is able to improvise when necessary to ensure we find the best possible solution to any issues that may arise.

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Conservation & Responsible Hunting

When searching for an agent or outfitter for your foreign travels, we think it is vitally important to choose one with a reputation for practicing conservation, and understands its responsibility to the future of hunting and fishing destinations. Trek Safaris has always been a leader in conservation issues, dating back to our conception in 1973. Realizing that fisheries around the world are indeed assets, Trek has practiced “catch and release” programs in all the destinations we promote. This has substantially enhanced the fish populations and has increased chances for hook-ups for our guests.

Our conservation efforts have gone a long way towards establishing solid relations with the local natives (especially in third world countries), and encouraging good will for the future. While you are browsing through our website, you will not see dead billfish hanging on a scale or piles of fish rotting in the sun, but only live fish that have been either released or taken as legal limits such as salmon, halibut or an occasional dorado.

It is no secret that Trek is the largest wing shooting agency in the U.S., sending thousands of shooters around the world every year. This fact is supported by our 50 years of experience in the hunting arena, whereby our staff has actually operated these hunts to our specifications and then passed along our knowledge to the local outfitter. In our view, the single most important aspect of providing a good hunt is to scout, scout and scout some more and then hunt in a responsible manner. It does no good to find the birds if you do not implement a strategy that will allow consistent hunting across the board.

In some countries where limits are either non-existent or enforced by the local authorities, it has always been our position to impose voluntary limits for which each hunter is responsible. In most cases this has worked to everyone’s benefit as our clients get to hunt areas that receive little pressure, and we are able to conserve the hunting areas for the long haul. It is Trek’s position that there is nothing to gain by hunting any species to near extinction and our long-term managing of the game is the main reason we are rated the top wing shooting agency in the U.S. by most major publications.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In some regions, preventive vaccinations or medicines are required. We recommend you consult with your personal physician and the Centers For Disease Control (800-CDC-INFO or www.cdc.gov) regarding inoculation information for the area you are visiting.

Passports are required for all U.S. citizens who travel abroad. Some countries also require that your passport be valid for six months after travel. Please contact the Trek Safaris office if you are not a U.S. citizen or have any questions regarding your passport.

Some countries do require a visa. In most instances, Trek Safaris can handle the paperwork for you, or put you in contact with an expediter who specializes in visas.

Hunting or fishing licenses are required for all Trek Safaris trips. The cost of this license is included in your trip fee. License forms required for your destination will be sent out at time of billing.

Most of our shooting lodges maintain large inventories of well serviced rental guns. Please contact the Trek Safaris office for rates and types of guns available. Some countries allow shooters to bring their own gun(s), and our team can assist you with the importation process, if applicable.

Trek has more than 50 years of experience in helping clients enjoy unforgettable angling adventures. Our number one priority is to ensure you have access to the best angling action in each respective region. In most cases, our outfitter partners provide excellent fishing equipment. In some remote regions, we will recommend clients bring their own equipment. In all cases, we will provide you with detailed information on tackle and make recommendations on what you should bring. Please contact the Trek office for any questions on the type of equipment available for your destination.

Every client will receive a trip itinerary approximately 60 days prior to your trip. Your itinerary will list recommended clothing and equipment lists for your destination.

Practically all Trek destinations can be customized for non-fishing/hunting companions. Some destinations offer more activities than others, and our team will be happy to help you find the ideal adventure for your party.

Trek has carefully vetted our network of outfitters to ensure each offers premier sporting opportunities, as well as the highest levels of service and cuisine in their region. are adept at serving international cuisine, as well as local favorites. Each location has unique specialties and offers the best food available for the area.

Many countries do not have water that is safe for drinking. All of Trek's program partners have either safe water systems in place and/or provide bottled water for consumption. And Trek's team will advise you on the specifics of your destination.

All of our advertised dates are offered during the season for each region. Water levels and tides will affect fishing, and the Trek office is knowledgeable in helping pick your date. Weather can affect both fishing and hunting trips and is beyond our control.

Trip extensions are a wonderful way to optimize your adventure travel experience. Our team can provide you with recommended extensions for practically every program we offer. Please call the Trek office with any questions or for input regarding extensions for your desired destination.

All of our outfitters are bilingual. Captains, lodge or camp managers, and guides are all experienced in the local areas but may or may-not be bilingual, depending on the location. We carefully select local guides who know the area and are exceedingly talented in putting you in the ideal spot for great shooting or fishing. While communication can occasionally be a challenge, Trek and our outfitter partners are available during your stay to help facilitate any issues.

Trek adds the value of 50 years of experience and outfitter relationships to your hunting, shooting or touring adventure at no added cost. We are with you every step of the way to minimize your stress and maximize your travel investment. Our team is on call 24/7 to help with any logistical problems or questions that may arise during your trip. As well, our experienced in-house travel experts can help with a variety of travel questions and needs. We also have an excellent document department that can handle all of your permits, licenses, and travel documents in an expedited manner.

Yes, to view coverage details of our travel insurance plans please click here.

Trusted By Our Customers Since 1973

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Kinsey R.
a year ago

The duck shooting was the best my wife Mona and I have experienced in Nicaragua. The food was very good and the hotel staff friendly and courteous. The bird boys were outstanding.

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Todd P.
a year ago

Great people, great service, great time. I have traveled many places for many years, but Estancia Cortaderas was awesome. Your Staff was First Class. This was a bucket list for 20 years. I brought a friend along that had never hunted. He is hooked. That is what I enjoy about hunting in a group. If we can teach others to hunt and preserve our lands for opportunities for others. Thank you for a great experience.

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Chipper H.
a year ago

Thank you for setting up this trip for Lawton and myself. Beat fishing trip I have ever been. Very much like Patagonia as to terrain and weather. The Madison River was excellent to fish, as was our guide Stewart. Staff at the Lodge were great, food delicious and good choices. Accommodations were first class. Scenery was superb. Recommend anyone to go there, they will have a wonderful time. Want to set up again next year and take Julie, she will love it.

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Anne C.
a year ago

Thank You!! Thank You!! Thank You!! For an unforgettable experience! The trip was amazing!! Your teams care and attention to detail is unparalleled!! I would definitely recommend this trip to anyone and everyone! Sundowners were one of our favorite parts of the trip!!

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Gary H.
a year ago

My Trip to Pampa Lodge in Argentina was great. Could not have been better. Great lodge, great hosts and great hunting. Thanks for making it happen!

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Drew C.
2+ years ago

Jim said you and he chatted on the phone on some of the details, but I wanted to chime in just really quickly that it was a great trip to Bolivia. The shooting was excellent, the accommodations were perfect, and the Molina family are top notch people who are great hosts.

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