“Our mission at Trek International Safaris is to provide you the traveling sportsman
with the finest hunting, fishing, and touring adventures worldwide.”

We are a full-service travel agency dedicated to our core values of honesty, integrity, and reliability.  As YOUR agent, our goal is to deliver real-time knowledge of each adventure and to look after your best interest in all regards. As a long-term client traveling the world, you will have the peace and comfort of knowing that no matter where you are, or the time of day, a Trek representative is not far away.

When you travel with Trek International Safaris, you belong to a community of passionate hunting, fishing and cultural adventure seekers more than 10,000 people strong. It is a group Trek has been proud to serve since 1973, when we first began organizing unforgettable international wingshooting and fishing trips.

At Trek, we handle every phase of your adventure travel experience— from the moment you walk out of your door to go to the airport, to the moment you return home with a lifetime of memories. And through our global network of time-honored relationships,
we do it without adding a single dollar of cost to your trip.

Let’s start planning your next great adventure.
You work hard for this. Let’s make it perfect.


Trek Safaris offers the most distinguished list of hunting operations and outfitters of anyone in the industry. Here, you will find destinations for wingshooting and big game hunting experiences we have meticulously refined from 45 years of experience.


Trek Safaris has hand-picked the very best fishing destinations featuring only the most experienced and proven lodges. Browse this section for some of the most remote and unspoiled waters of premier destination such as the Amazon, Cuba and Patagonia.


Trek Safaris is proud to offer hosted trips to some of the most sought out places in the world. Whether you wish to take that dream photographic journey to Africa, scale Machu Piccu or retrace Hemingway's steps in Cuba, you'll find your adventure on these pages.


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