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Partridge Shooting and a Cultural Experience of Classic Spanish Tradition

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This Oct 17-21, Trek Safaris invites you to experience the thrill of traditional driven partridge shooting, soak in the stunning architecture and picturesque landscapes of a centuries old estancia and immerse yourself in the incomparably rich culture of Spain. Red-legged partridge shooting is a timeless Spanish tradition, and our local partners at Estancia Pinos Altos carry the banner forward with meticulous care.

With generous limits and expert guides managing every detail of your hunt, you’ll experience droves of fast-flying partridge presenting a full range of shot opportunities. Non-shooting companions will enjoy fascinating cultural activities, including a tour of Toledo, a stunning UNESCO World Heritage site, as well as shopping visits to the surrounding villages. Trek can easily optimize this adventure for you with the opportunity to extend your trip on the front or back end in Barcelona or Madrid (or both).


Located 100 miles Southeast from Madrid near the town of Cuidad Real lies a restored 16th century estate encompassing 10,000 acres in the beautiful La Mancha region. Pinos Altos has been in the Saiz Family for hundreds of years and serves as their personal hunting estate as well as a place they invite other sportsmen to enjoy the finest big game and wingshooting Spain has to offer.

This unique shooting experience is also hailed as one of the best couple’s trips Trek offers. Non-shooting guests of Pinos Altos are treated to daily tours of the beautiful Spanish countryside to explore nearby towns and villages including historical points and to do a little shopping along the way.

Each hunting day starts with an 8:30 AM breakfast and then set out for the shoot. It’s a quick 20-30-minute drive to most shooting areas, where each hunter will draw pegs.

Each day will consist of four to five drives depending on shooting conditions and consists of an allotted total of 600 partridge for the line of eight guns. You’ll have two drives in the morning, followed by a delicious field snack and then two more drives followed by lunch in the classical Spanish tradition.

Each hunter has their own loader and a secretary to carry your shells, shotguns, set up your blind, etc. A line of 40-50 beaters will push the partridge over the shooters at their assigned pegs set about 15-30 yards down the crest of a hill.

The birds will come flying fast and quick over the hill and the shooting is fast and furious. A good shot can expect to spend three to four shells per partridge.

After the final shoot, you’ll have time for a shower and some rest before dinner. These are special affairs with traditional meals and an elegance depicting an era gone by.

Among the non shooting activities will be a trip to Toledo, and visits to nearby typical haciendas, small villages and historical points. You may also choose to go shopping for leather goods, porcelain, ceramics, pottery and local wines.


Our local hosts, Fernando and Koki Saiz, have welcomed groups at their personal estate for over 20 years, including royalty, U.S. Presidents and other international dignitaries. The staff at Estancia Pinos Altos is a delight, providing impeccable service and treating guests as an extension of their family.

Pinos Altos is an immaculately restored 16th century estate with 14 expertly appointed bedrooms with private baths, two living rooms and an impressive dining room. The estancia’s terrace offers panoramic views of the Spanish countryside, and our guests often observe red stag and fallow deer roaming in the distance.

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