Estancia Poitahue

La Pampa Argentina

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Red stag

Recommended Length

7-10 Days


March, April, May

The Red Stag was introduced into Argentina from herds in Eastern Europe around the turn of the 20th century. Today, their range includes much of the La Pampa and the Patagonian regions, and the breeding has improved to the point of rivaling the big bulls in New Zealand and Europe. Most of the real huge trophy animals are hunted in fenced properties, but we have always preferred to promote fair chase animals, and Poitahue has some of the best free range Red Stag in the world.

The adventure begins with your arrival into Buenos Aires, where Trek will arrange a flight to Santa Rosa, a town located in the La Pampa region of Argentina. The staff at Poitahue Ranch will meet you there and transfer you 90 minutes to the lodge. You have time to scope in your rifle and take an animal if you wish. The next three full days you will hunt your desired game, and on the final day you’ll have time to hunt in the morning before your flight back to Buenos Aires for international departure.

Poitahue has always been about ranching and hunting. It’s been that way for generations, and owner Alejandro Pini has ensured this legacy will continue. Using the 30,000 acres at their disposal, Poitahue has managed their Stag herds superbly and have a 95% success rate for the free range hunts (during rut season). This is an outstanding success rate and a credit to their program. The hunts take place in the grassy lowlands of La Pampa that offer a blend of hilly, semi-dense forests of Caldén and Alpataco and open pastures that hold excellent populations of Red Stag, Boar, Blackbucks, wild Goats and Indian Buffaloes. Additionally, due to the immense size of Poitahue and its location, they are able to customize hunts to fit most anyone, regardless of physical abilities.

Guides are all local, and they will hunt with clients on a 1×1 basis as they know every acre of Poitahue. Taking place in an area known as the Loventhue District, you will find roaring Stag in numbers that you may never see anywhere else. Aside from taking a nice Stag or water buffalo (and with time permitting), you may wish to take additional animals, like a management Stag, Blackbuck, Axis or Fallow Deer, as well as many varieties of rams and goats. Poitahue also has some excellent wingshooting for pigeons and dove nearby on an optional basis, should you wish to experience the legendary Argentina wingshooting.

Poitahue Ranch has three separate lodges, but we will use primarily Poitahue Lodge, which is a typical, colonial style estancia of thick stone and stucco walls and large windows. There are three well appointed bedrooms with private baths and A/C, as well as two adjoining cabins that have two bedrooms each for a total capacity of 12 (six hunters/six non hunters). The lodge also features a welcoming dining and living room area with a huge fireplace and for those late night stories, there is a separate club room with fireplace and bar. As is the case with every estancia Trek represents in Argentina, the food and level of service is first rate.

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