Estancia Cortaderas Mixed Bag Adventure

High Value Mixed Bag Wingshooting, Golden Dorado Angling

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Dove, duck, pigeon, perdiz, Golden Dorado

Recommended Length

4 Shooting/Fishing Days


May, June, July, August

Since Opening its doors in 2006, Estancia Cortaderas has built a reputation as the finest mixed bag wingshooting lodge in Argentina. With the growing popularity of combination hunting for high-volume dove, Perdiz, decoying pigeons and ducks, Cortaderas stands today as the most deluxe lodge providing this variety. The major advantage Cortaderas offers is the ability to hunt all of these species out of one lodge. You will not lose valuable shooting days by transferring to different lodges in order to hunt a different species.

Ariel Semenov has been involved in the outdoors all of his life, starting in the 1970s when he was leading hunting and fishing trips in Argentina. He has created a reputation of being one of the best outfitters in the business for nearly 40 years, and almost all of these years with Trek as his partner. Ariel constructed Estancia Cortaderas in 2006 with a vision of delivering an all-around sportsman’s dream destination. By operating trips in this area for over 30 years, Ariel has established relationships with local landowners contracting the most productive fields and roosts allowing you the wingshooting adventure of a lifetime.

The most common way to reach Cortaderas is on an overnight flight from the United States, landing in Buenos Aires the following morning. Once in Argentina, you will have a domestic flight to the city of Santa Fe or Parana followed by comfortable transfer to the lodge. For those wanting a more direct route to the lodge, a private charter from Buenos Aires can be arranged for an additional cost.

The province of Entre Rios, where Cortaderas lies, is a hidden gem among other outdoor destinations in Argentina. You will not see many fellow hunters or fisherman in the Santa Fe airport on this trip, as most hunters choose to visit the more competitive areas of Cordoba and Buenos Aires, allowing wildlife to thrive in Entre Rios.

The itinerary you will follow is a true mixed bag of dove, duck, and perdiz. On this program, we offer duck hunts in lagoons and ponds, perdiz hunts over Brittany’s and high-volume dove hunts along with decoying pigeons all over four days at Cortaderas. Should you wish to cast a line for Golden Dorado, this can easily be done while on your trip as fishing is on the Parana River, so close to Cortaderas that many of our clients have landed trophy fish within sight of the lodge.

A great hunting or fishing trip is much more than pulling the trigger or setting a hook. It must be about the total experience. Estancia Cortaderas offers exactly this, sitting on 60 acres above the Parana River about an hour north of Parana in the small town of Hernandarias. The lodge features very deluxe accommodations with WiFi, satellite TV, and ten single air-conditioned rooms with outdoor balconies offering incredible views of the river. There is also a full spa including sauna, Jacuzzi and massage therapist on staff providing daily massages.

With a fully trained chef, you will enjoy the finest Argentine beef accompanied by an excellent selection of wine. It is no accident that Estancia Cortaderas has earned the reputation as the finest hunting and fishing destination in South America. The philosophy is simple, offer the very best in hunting and fishing programs while also maintaining the finest possible lodge amenities

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