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Introducing: My Trek Profile

Introducing: My Trek Profile

Trek has launched a new website feature that allows you to update your information, view trip details and pay online!
We’re taking things digital! Welcome to the official launch of the Trek Profile! We’re excited to annouce that Trek has been working hard to make the pre-trip planning process easier for you by providing you with instant access to trip and travel information.The Profile allows you to review and update your personal and contact information, update your passport, visa and frequent flyer details as well as your gun information. The information will be automatically transmitted to Trek’s secure database to ensure we have the most accurate and up to date information for your next trip.

For those of you who are currently booked on a trip with us, you will be able to find quick links to your itinerary and other pre-trip information. You will also be able to view a digital checklist of paperwork Trek needs to plan your trip as well as select which guns you will be taking with you, for those who like to travel with their own guns. For those of you who prefer to use/rent lodge guns you will be able to note gun requests.

However, the aspect we’re most excited about is giving you the ability to pay online with a credit card. Invoices that have been reviewed and approved by the Trek staff will be available to view online. (Please note that invoices will not be available until final documentation is ready to be sent, approximately 90 days prior to your scheduled departure date.) Payments can be made with all major credit cards. Trek has partnered with CyberSource to ensure information will be protected and kept confidential.

To access the Trek Profile, click on the link in the menu bar on our website or click here and register for an account using your email address (this must be the same one you receive mail from Trek on). A confirmation e-mail will be sent, once you have confirmed your account you can log in and explore!

Call or e-mail Trek for more details
800-654-9915     [email protected]

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