Trek’s 2024 Adventure Catalog

  Field Journal   |     Jan. 09, 2024

Our team at Trek International Safaris is tracking a number of indicators pointing to a terrific year for the international sporting industry in 2024. Trek’s 2024 Adventure Catalog highlights some of these positive developments, including Trek’s partnerships with some exciting new lodges, increased international route expansion among major U.S. air carriers and the stabilization of global cartridge supplies.

It’s simply not possible to give our outfitter partners enough credit for all they’ve done to overcome the challenges we’ve faced during the past few years. Longtime Trek partners like H&H Outfitters and Bolivian Adventures, as well as new partners at Estancia Santa Clara and De Bernadis Hunting, continually develop and re-invest even through times of adversity.

It is worth noting that, like Trek, these are all multi-generational family companies with a shared passion for providing our clients with a world- class adventure travel experience.

A great example of this is the work our partners did to handle the shell shortage last year. Endless hours were spent sourcing supply to keep our clients’ guns blazing without a single lodge operator closing for as much as one day last year.

Owing to this hard work and ingenuity, our key shooting destinations all of our lodge partners expect to have a sufficient supply of shells for the 2024 season.

In Argentina, the election of libertarian Javier Milei brings hope for a better future to a country with great potential that has been plagued by economic problems for decades.

Among the exciting new adventures you’ll find in this publication are a magnificent shooting estate in England (pg. 5), a terrific mixed bag estancia close to Buenos Aires (pg. 12) and a very rare opportunity for high- volume duck hunting in Paraguay pg. 18).

If angling is in your plans for 2024, check out page 37 and consider the thrill of checking the mighty arapaima off your bucket list. We also have a new tarpon and permit adventure within 30 minutes drive from Cancun (page 37).

There are 72 pages in Trek’s 2024 Adventure Catalog, but in reality, the opportunities are limitless. Trek provides you with the value of 51 years of experience, expertise and relationships at no added cost to you. So, the only question is: “Where on Earth do you want to go?”

Our team is standing by to help make your dreams a reality. Click here to download Trek’s 2024 Adventure Catalog or email us at [email protected]. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve as your trusted travel partner.





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