Bolivia   |     Mar. 26, 2019

The picturesque country of Bolivia has long been a popular destination for adventurous anglers and wingshooters alike. A crown jewel among Brazil, Peru, Chile and Paraguay, this country is rich in agricultural and natural resources and lays claim to being one of the most biodiverse locations on earth.

With altitudes ranging from just under 300 feet to more than 21,000 feet above sea level, Bolivia is home to nearly 3,000 animal species, including some 1,400 types of birds and 635 species of fish. The sheer number of fish alone is incredible, considering Bolivia is a landlocked country, and all 635 fish species reside within the freshwater watershed.

Members of the Trek community have traveled with us to Bolivia for decades for high-volume dove hunting, some of the world’s best decoying pigeon shooting, and fishing adventures with an array of exotic bucket list gamefish species. During this time, Trek has forged some incredible partnerships that allow us to provide an unparalleled experience for clients, and as always, we are proud to provide this value for you at no additional cost.

For those who have never adventured into Bolivia, you may have a tough time deciding where to start, which of course, is why Trek exists. Even if you’ve been lucky enough to go in the past, we are sure you will find something new to pique your interest among our favorite things about Bolivia detailed below.

Dove Hunting: More time in the field. Less time in the Air.

Among South American countries, Bolivia has an extremely favorable flying time from the U.S., with direct, non-stop service to San Cruz from Miami. From your home to your destination lodge, your travel time to Bolivia may be half of that of travel to Argentina or Uruguay.

Additionally, our two partner lodges, Las Palomas and Los Guadales, are located in the Bolivia’s prime agricultural areas, making trips to and from the fields much easier than many other South American lodges. And should you travel to Bolivia between July and September, cooler temperatures mean the birds typically fly all day, as opposed to early morning and late afternoon.

From the outset, Las Palomas Lodge was the gold standard by which other lodges were measured. Las Palomas’ attention to detail and personal service was a hit with Trek shooters and over the years the business here multiplied to a point where one lodge was simply not enough. Owner Jorge, and sons Jorge Jr. and Felipe, continually reach for an improved experience for guests. This pursuit of excellence was most recently shown in the completion of the beautiful Los Guaduales Lodge four years ago. This magnificent 22,000 square foot lodge boasts the ultimate in luxury and amenities including a full spa.

Perhaps equally impressive to producing such a spectacular second lodge is that Jorge, his family and long-time staff have managed to maintain the highest level of service and personal attention to each and every visitor they host. Jorge Jr., acquiring the entrepreneurial gene from his father, has built a full scale brewery just a five-minute walk from either lodge.

Family Friendly Pricing and Olympic-level Shooting Instruction

Our hunting lodge partners at Las Palomas and Los Guadales always offer the adventure at half-price to shooters under 18 who are traveling with a parent. Additionally, Jorge Sr., a member of Colombia’s 1988 Olympic Shooting Team, is passionate about giving expert instruction to young shooters seeking to improve their form.

Pigeon Paradise

Each year, a rapidly increasing number of traveling wingshooters seek the opportunity to shoot high-volume decoying pigeons. The Chaco region of Bolivia has literally become a haven for pigeons, and Trek is proud to be among the first to offer pigeon-only hunts in this newly emerged hotbed for shooting.

Pigeon Palace Lodge is located in the middle of the Bolivian pigeon migration and throughout the shooting season, you can experience pure pigeon madness. For three full and two half days, you will shoot over sorghum, corn and sunflower fields near Mennonite farming colonies using decoy spreads and spinning machines.

We are confident in saying there is no better pigeon-only program out there that offers the volume and consistency of Pigeon Palace.

Exotic Gamefish Species: Check. Check. Check. Check. . .

Nestled deep in the jungles of Bolivia, Trek’s partner lodge, Caño Negro Fishing Lodge, has earned its nickname the “Jurassic Park of the Amazon” by providing Trek anglers with an unparalleled array of exotic fish and wildlife encounters. Of Bolivia’s 600-plus fish species, many Trek-list gamefish call the Cano Negro home. Cano Negro Lodge, less than 10 miles as the bird flies from the Brazilian border, has provided Trek anglers over the last decade a truly special exotic fishing experience. While peacock bass, perhaps the most highly targeted of Bolivia’s fish species, are plentiful here, you will also have a legitimate shot at landing payara (vampire fish), arapaima, pacu, surubi, red-tailed catfish and the toothy piranha.

Caño Negro Lodge offers extensive and customized angling adventures in a remote, previously unfished area of northeastern Bolivia. Located in the middle of the Bolivian Amazon, you will fish and sleep in a two-million acre reserve inhabited by the Itonamas natives, who are welcoming hosts to anglers visiting the area. Having recently invested in new boats, mattresses, baths, and cabins, the lodge provides you a superior experience in the Amazon.

We have guests that continue to come year after year seeking time at the lagoon, river fishing, spin casting, bait casting, fly-fishing, or just relaxing in the picturesque surroundings and abundant wildlife that the Lodge offers. Common wildlife sightings include macaws, parrots, storks, geese, and ducks, but we also encounter jaguars, tapirs, swamp deer, black cayman, capybaras, and pink river dolphins in their native environment.

Cast. And Blast!

If you find yourself saying yes, yes, yes to all of the above, you’re also in luck when it comes to Bolivia. Imagine shooting doves all day long for three days, relaxing each night and then catching a private charter flight to fly you deep in the jungle for three days of fishing the Amazon. This is not only possible in Bolivia, it is one of the most exciting and unique cast-and-blast opportunities on the planet. The sweet spot for this experience is August through October, when the skies around Las Palomas are flush with birds and water levels in the Caño Negro are ideal for multi-species angling action.

Extend Your Adventure

The areas in and around Santa Cruz offer an array of trip extension opportunities. Trek can arrange for you to adventure to the Uyuni Salt Flats, the world’s most expansive salt flats formation, which was formed by transformations of numerous prehistoric lakes. Additionally, you may seek to explore Madidi National Park or the Bolivian Pampas, where you’ll encounter an array of wildlife and have the opportunity to swim with Pink River Dolphins.
For more information on Bolivia, or to book your next great adventure, please call us at 1.800.654.9915 or email [email protected].

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