WRAPPING UP AN INCREDIBLE Nicaragua Duck and Dove Season

    |     Feb. 20, 2019

From the questions the Trek team received during the recent SCI shows, one may have surmised the story of the 2018-19 Nicaragua duck and dove season actually played out in the spring of last year. In Reno and Dallas, we continued to receive a high volume of inquiries about the country’s sociopolitical climate; meanwhile an entirely new group of our clients was enjoying some of the best wingshooting action on record in Mombacho and Chinandega.

As we first reported in August of last year, the country was back at work and welcoming a return to normalcy, both locally and with regard to tourists visiting, among many reasons, to experience the country’s outstanding bird hunting opportunities. As the U.S. Government continued to issue a travel advisory to Nicaragua, many of our clients, understandingly, exercised caution and decided to sit out the season.

New clients filled in for those folks who decided against travel to Nicaragua. These new shooters were rewarded with excellent duck action all season and better dove volumes than we have ever seen in Chinandega.

Although Nicaragua dove numbers will never reach South American levels, the fact that clients can now reasonably expect to shoot eight to ten boxes of shells on dove is exciting. Nicaragua’s white-winged doves are quick and fly in a zig-zag fashion, providing a fun and challenging day of shooting.

In the later part of this season, we expanded our duck shooting into areas not accessed in the past. We will continue this expansion into new areas this next season.

Members of the Trek community visiting Nicaragua this season reported no security issues encountered by any client, and high levels of satisfaction with the hospitality extended by the our partners and the locals they encountered.

Many of these new shooters are rebooking for next season, so Trek is experiencing strong early bookings for next season. At this point, we still have some excellent dates remaining, so please contact our office for the latest availability and secure your spots on a warm weather duck hunt to remember.

Video link: https://youtu.be/HHscNpbtroI

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