Sign of the Times in Nicaragua

    |     Nov. 09, 2017

Since Trek began assisting the traveling shooter in 1973, we have prided ourselves on staying on top of the requirements for our members to be able to travel with their firearms. As you might imagine, this is not an easy task, as not only do country’s differ in their rules and regulations for receiving firearms, but world events also play in to the constant revisions to the rules, a very fluid situation.

Under the mantra of maintaining the public safety, new restrictions are enacted almost daily as an event occurs somewhere on our planet. Some of these restrictions are well thought out and stand the test of time while others are enacted for a very brief window, either serving an immediate need, or being deemed unnecessary once implemented. Keeping current of the constant ebb and flow of these mandates is not an easy task but one we at Trek know is imperative to assure you, the traveling shooter, a safe and hassle free (or at least as hassle free as is possible) trip. Because of the seemingly never ending restrictions on traveling with firearms, many of our international partners have enlarged and improved upon their inventory of rental, or loaner guns, thus making travel much easier for a vast number of our members.

We have noted that although almost everyone traveling on a dove shoot, especially one where you might run several thousand shells through your gun, will be comfortable renting, those shooting waterfowl tend to like the feel of their own gun. Case in point is our very popular Nicaragua duck and dove program that kicked off in late October and will run until mid February.

Until recently, our Nicaraguan partners would meet arriving clients in the baggage claim area and personally escort them through custom with their luggage and firearms. They would then depart the airport as normal and be on their way. Well, unfortunately, this simple process is no longer in play, seemingly in response to events that have occurred in airports in other parts of the world (not involving a wing shooter and his shotgun). The current situation is that the client goes through the customs process with just his luggage, the shotgun is shuttled to an off site Police office. Our partners must now stay outside of the customs area and cannot interact with the client and the customs agent. The client exits the airport with his luggage and our folks meet him and provide transport to the off site Police office to then go through the process of clearing his gun for entry into the country. We understand that this new process is inconvenient and time consuming but it is the new rule and we must follow it. We have found through the years that there are things we can change but there are things we cannot, and we just need to go with the flow to accomplish what we want to accomplish. We at Trek make every possible effort to make your travel as easy as possible and sometimes the very best we can do is to just keep you informed.

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