Challhuaquen Lodge

Experience a Venue That Earned its Name "The Fishing Place"

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January, February, March, November, December

Just below the 43rd parallel in Argentina’s Patagonia region is a truly special place for anglers known as Challhuaquen Lodge. The name itself means “fishing place” in the native Mapuche language. Challhauquen is appropriately named, as this place truly is heaven on earth for trout lovers.

When we speak of trout fishing in Argentina, the Lakes Region quickly comes to mind as it contains a number of excellent streams, spring creeks and rivers. One such river is called the Futaleufu and is formed from alpine lakes in the incredibly beautiful Los Alerces National Park.

As the “Futa” makes its way across the Chilean border into Lake Yelcho, you will witness a virtual aquarium of rainbow and brown trout not to mention some of the most striking scenery that Patagonia offers. It is here on the banks of the “Futa” where Challhuaquen is located, that you will experience one of the best angling adventures of your life.

Trek’s standard program at Challhuaquen takes advantage of the flights to Esquel from Buenos Aires (Tues-Tues). Once you arrive on your international flight to Buenos Aires, you will be transferred across town to the domestic airport, where you will connect to a flight into Esquel.

The staff at Challhuaquen will greet you there and transport you on the 45 minute transfer to the lodge. The next six days are full fishing days. The last day in Challhuaquen, your group will transfer back to Esquel for the flight into B.A. where you transfer to the international airport and your flight home that evening.

One of the best attributes of Challhuaquen Lodge is its proximity to top-notch fishing rivers and streams like the Rivadavia, Carrileufu, Arrayanes, Frey and Nanty Falls. One may also take a trip to the famous spring creek called Arroyo Pescado, where trout are taking dry patterns most all day, every day.

Each evening, you and your fishing buddy will sit down with your expert guide and chart out an angling course for the following day that will take in to consideration both you and your partner’s desires and abilities. Floating, wading and classic stream stalking are all on full display at Challhuaquen, and this incredible diversity is what distinguishes it from all others.

Challhuaquen is one of those rare jewels that can provide an outstanding experience without overstating its presence. The lodge consists of six beautiful rooms, each featuring private baths as well as a view and access to the Futaleufu River. It is solidly constructed of native woods and stones, and the interior is simple, yet light and stylishly elegant, forming an aesthetic that is very pleasing to the eye and extremely comfortable.

The cuisine at Challhuaquen is a tasteful blend of both international and local dishes, and has a wine cellar with few equals. For those who need additional comforts, a spa, sauna, and several varieties of massages are available on a daily basis.

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